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There is a saying “If you are not in Google – you don’t exist”. Now the same applies to social media platforms “If you are not in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter {you name it} – you do not exist”. If people can’t find about your business or services in the social media – you might be leaving a lot of money on the table. But how to be everywhere and still have time to do the actual work?

There are services that can help. Your social media intern if you will. And you can have it for only 5$ a month. Do I have your attention?

It will take some time to set everything up at first. You know, everything worth doing requires some time and effort. If you are willing to invest some time now to save many hours later – please bare with me and continue reading.

PS: If you want to manually control everything you share on your social media profiles – sorry but you will have to put your hours in it. No way around. And if you want to keep your accounts active with relevant content and bring new customers effortlessly – this strategy will work great.

Why you need to keep your accounts active

First I want to be on the same page with you. It is not enough to simply have an account on the social media platform. You have to keep your accounts active and I will share a few good reasons why.

1. Your Twitter account activity shows up in the Google results

When someone googles your business or service – search results page will look more eye-catching with recent Twitter feed. It instantly shows that account is active. If you haven’t posted in Twitter for a while – you are loosing this opportunity.


2. Tool suggests to unfollow inactive accounts

Many people who manage their social media accounts use various tools. Some tools have the feature that suggests what accounts you should unfollow. And guess what – inactive accounts always climb to the top of the list. If you have gained some followers already – by leaving your account inactive you risk to loose them over time. This applies not only for Twitter.

twitter automation unfollow people

3. Are they still alive?

No matter what business you have or what service you provide – there are no guarantees that you will do that forever. Imagine the Twitter account telling you about the amazing pizza place in your area. Cover image is great, posts are very well crafter. But the last post was half a year ago! Is this place still open? I am confused…

Sometimes it is even better not to have an account than to have an inactive one. Worst thing you can do is to add inactive social media links to your website. Ok, maybe not the worst thing ever but please don’t.

inactive twitter profile

I want to stress this one more time. If you account is inactive – sometimes it is even better tonot have the social media account at all. You might consider deleting it. But instead, let’s figure how to keep your social media accounts active with less effort.

How to keep all social media accounts active

I want to share the strategy I use to keep Hiplay Twitter account active with very little effort. As I mentioned – it took some time at first. But then you can basically set it and forget it.

Once again. This strategy will not work for control freaks. If you want to control everything you share on your social media account manually – you will have to put your hours into that. I am not saying it is not worth doing that, no way. I just want to offer a different approach.  If you want to simply keep your account active with relevant content and reach new customer – this strategy will work for you. Promise.

Step 1 – Schedule your posts

First you need a tool to schedule your posts to all social media accounts. There are many to choose from like Hootsuite, Postplanner and others. Since other tools that we will use work on Buffer – you should get the account there. They have a free plan.

buffer supported networks

Connect all your social media profiles to your Buffer account and you are good to go. Free plan limits you to one profile per social network but that should be enough to cover your needs.

Step 2 – Automate your promotional content

If you have a business or provide services it should be safe to assume that you want to attract new clients. You probably created social media profiles for that reason. Now you have to think about all the content you have that could attract new potential customers: blog posts, video, images, podcasts. Anything that explains what you do and grabs attention.

Once you have a list of your own content – start creating posts in your Buffer account (you created it in the previous step, right?). Try to create all your posts as evergreen so you can re-post them multiple times.

automate evergreen content posting

Done with creating your posts? Now you can sign up to Hiplay with your Buffer account. This tool helps you to keep social media profiles busy by re-sharing your evergreen content multiple times. It saves a lot of time, makes most of your content and brings new clients.

social media automation steps

Follow this short guide on how to set it up. Plans start from $5 a month. You will hardly find a cheaper social media manager anywhere else. Try it free for 14 days.

Step 3 –  Get more relevant content

You probably have heard about the 80/20 Rule – use 20% of your content to promote your brand or service, and dedicate 80% to relevant content that really interests your audience. In step 2 we already took care of the 20%. Where to get that other part? We have you covered!

Think of a few topics that your followers are interested in. Let it be marketing, traveling or gardening. Sourcing relevant content for your social media profiles manually takes a lot of time. But you can use tools like to get relevant hand curated content every day. They send it straight to your Buffer account. They have a free plan so your budget still stays at $5 a month.

how quuu works

Hiplay tool will share content that promotes your brand. Posts from Quuu will help you to mix it with relevant content that is not related to you. And all of that daily without any manual work. For $5 a month.

Try it yourself and let us know how it goes!

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