5 Reasons To Stop Ignoring Auto DM’s on Twitter

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Not a secret that one of the most effective way to gain Twitter followers is to follow other people. If you do this already, you probably noticed that you get a lot of Direct Messages from people you recently followed. And most of these DM’s are clearly automated and sent to all new followers. And once we realise that message is not personal, we tend to ignore it, right? But there are few reasons why you shouldn’t. You can make these DM’s work for your own advantage.

1. Avoid gate-keeper

Direct Messages are a channel where you can have private conversations. This is a great way to outreach people, especially the ones you don’t know yet. But you can send DM’s only to people who already follows you. This means that people you just followed got access to your DM inbox and can send manual or auto message your way. And while they do not follow you back – their inbox is out of reach.


But there is one trick. Once you get a Direct Message – you can send a reply even if that person doesn’t follow you.

Auto DM on Twitter gives access to inbox of people who doesn’t follow you yetCLICK TO TWEET

This means that auto DM’s give an access to your prospects Twitter inbox without any extra effort! You shouldn’t ignore this opportunity. After realising that their automatic system opens the door for you – you start to look forward to all incoming DM’s.

2. Create a reciprocity

Have you noticed that most auto Direct Messages you get asks for your favour? “Subscribe to our updates” or “Watch my new video” or even “Let’s connect on LinkedIn!“. And that’s great. You already know what is important for a person or company you are trying to outreach. Use it for your own advantage.


This is a perfect opportunity to create a reciprocity. It is wired in people brains to give back the kind of treatment that they received from you. We are obligated to repay favours, invitations, etc. in the future. So if you do what they ask for – they will feel obliged to return the favour. Then it is your turn to ask what you need. You will be surprised how well this works.

3. Connect with people

Effective Twitter marketing is all about engagement with other people in the network. And it only makes sense if you follow people that are interesting for you or your brand. That means all DM’s you get are from people you want to connect with, right? So please do not leave them hanging.

If you received auto DM that says something like “Nice to connect, how can I help?” or “Thanks for following me” – treat it like a real conversation in a networking event. Not all conversations will lead to a fruitful relationships but some might.

Treat all Twitter DM’s like it were a real conversation in a networking eventCLICK TO TWEET

You should always reply. Otherwise, you might be leaving a lot of opportunities uncovered.


Yes, sometimes you will not get a reply from people who send auto DM’s. You can craft a short reply that does not take you a lot of time to send. But personal messages always work better. You will see a return of investment quite fast.

4. Get more followers

People can send you Direct Messages without following you back. That means that quite frequently you will receive a message from someone who is not your follower yet. This is a great opportunity to turn people into the followers. If you connect with them through private conversation – there is a high probability that they will be confident enough to follow you back.

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If you have already created a reciprocity by doing something they asked for – you can invite people to follow you back. Tell that you want to stay connected and engage with each others tweets. It really works. And sometimes even without asking.

5. Have more engaged followers

Followers that you get after having a private conversation are more engaged with the content you share. You already started a relationship so people feel more connected to you and your ideas. If you invest time in engaging with their tweets as well – you will see great results.


After all, you want followers that listen to what you have to say. So this is a great way to gain these listening followers. Once again – use this opportunity.

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