How to Set Up Hiplay For Social Media Automation

how to use hiplay

Hiplay can be your two extra hands when it comes to social media management. It works on top of your Buffer account and automatically re-posts your selected content on various social media channels. It saves your precious time, helps reach more people and increase the exposure of your content.

Step 1: Connect Hiplay with your Buffer account

Hiplay is Buffer’s extention and follows your Buffer posting schedule. You need to connect Buffer account to give Hiplay the access to your profile.

Step 2: Select profiles

Select your social media profiles you want to use for content re-posting. At the moment Hiplay is supporting these social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus. You can always turn profiles on or off in your settings.

Step 3: Add posts to Content Library

Hiplay content library

Unprocessed tab

Hiplay pulls your previously posted content from Buffer history and stores it in the Unprocessed tab. This is a place where you should pick your posts by clicking “Add to Library” button. You can also edit these posts or delete them if they are not useful for future re-posting.

Hiplay automatically pulls your new posts from Buffer every hour and stores them at the top of the Unprocessed tab.

New posts

You can add new post to the Content Library by clicking “New post” button. You can add text and image and select a category for your new post.

You can always manage your Content Library posts in the corresponding tab. Learn more about the Content Library feature.

Step 4: Choose posting option


In the Schedule tab you can select one of the available posting options. The default posting option is 2 posts per day. This means that Hiplay will send two posts from your Content Library active categories to the Buffer queue. You can adjust the number of posts according to your own preferences.

You can select option: Post only when Buffer queue gets empty. Posts will be sent to your Buffer once we detect that queue is empty.

If you want to have more control, you can set your own posting schedule. Select the days, category and time when your posts should be shared in the social media.

Step 5: Activate your profile

Activate hiplay posting

After adding posts to the Content Library and deciding on posting option – you are ready to activate your social media account. Once activated, it will start automatically re-buffer your posts every day.


In the Settings tab you can manage your global profile posting settings. Make sure you choose a correct time zone. You can select where do you want to add new posts – to the top or bottom of your Buffer queue. Don’t want to repeat the same post too frequently? You can set how many days should pass to use the same post again.

Hiplay posting settings


That’s it! You’re all set. Feedback on how to make Hiplay work better for you is always welcome. Drop us a line at





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