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Thank you for your interest in writing for the Hiplay Blog! We are excited to welcome contributors with fresh perspectives in social media and content marketing. We want to provide our audience with useful, in-depth content that helps them achieve better results at work. Join our mission!

Why should you write for the Hiplay blog?

We have an audience that is eager to learn all the best practices about social media and content marketing. We promote every guest post on our social media accounts. Additionally, we use Quuu Promote platform, which helps reach an even wider range of people. This guarantees you a large targeted exposure and mentions on social media.

Before submitting your guest post, please take a look at our suggestions for getting your post published on the blog.

What are we looking for?

  • Your post hasn’t been published elsewhere. We are looking for a fresh and original content that is targeted to our readers. Guest post published here may not be re-published elsewhere unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Your post should be no shorter than 1000 words. We find that the most valuable blog posts land in that range of words. Here is a great guest post example by Nick.
  • Friendly tone of voice. Say Iweyou. Write as if you’re talking with a friend. Remember, even though you’re writing for the marketing experts, anyone should be able to read and understand it easily.
  • Give credit. Always check your facts and quotations. Properly cite your sources and add links where necessary.
  • Visuals. Please include visuals that illustrate your blog post ideas. We always try to keep the balance between text and images to make the post more engaging and easier to read.

What are we NOT looking for?

  • No posts that only promote you or your business. We allow to include a link back to your own blog or website if it is relevant to your topic. However, we do not allow posts that are entirely promotional.
  • No affiliate links. Please do not include affiliate links in your guest post.

Author attribution

Include a short (1-3 sentences) bio, your headshot and a link to your website when submitting your blog post. This will appear at the end of the guest post.

Submit your post

If you’re interested in contributing – please send an email describing your post idea to hello[at]hiplayapp.com. If your submission is successful, we will get back to you within 3 days.